ISRO ICC 2020 cyberspace competitions: free registration & exam date details

In an attempt to cater to the young Indian minds during these trying times ISRO has decided to conduct ISRO Cyberspace Competitions 2020. ICC 2020 is all set to test Indian school children in disciplines of Essay Writing, Science Craft/Model Making, Drawing and Quiz through Digital Modes. All the students from Class 1st to Class 12th will be eligible to register for these competitions. I

SRO with this competition is taking an initiative towards promoting the Government of India’s ‘Digital India’ campaign. The most important thing is that school students from all over the country can participate in this competition from the comfort of their homes and that too free of cost. It will be an priceless opportunity for bright young minds to showcase their innovation as well as imagination in Space Science and Technology. The registration facility is open till June 18th. Kindly read on for elaborate details.

ISRO ICC 2020 Eligibility and Various Competition Details

ISRO released the notification announcing ICC 2020 two weeks ago. The space agency has announced 4 competitions specifically. Any student who is studying in a school within India during the academic year 2020-21. The details of various competitions are listed below-

  1. Drawing competition for students of Classes 1st to 3rd.
  2. Model making/Science craft competition for students of Classes 4th to 8th.
  3. Essay writing competition for students of Classes 9th and 10th
  4. Lastly, Essay writing and Quiz competition for students of Classes of 11th and 12th.

How to apply for ISRO ICC 2020 

The application procedure for ICC 2020 is fairly simple. Just follow the process given below. 

  • Just go to the official website
  • Look for ‘Click for Registration’ tab.
  • Enter details such as Name, E-Mail, etc.
  • Cross check and submit.

Now you will be registered for an exciting competition being conducted by an Organization which has made every Indian proud.

ISRO ICC 2020 Dates

The application window for this online competition will close on 28th June 2020.

The dates for competition are yet to be announced by ISRO. We will provide updates on the competition dates soon

ICC 2020 Syllabus

Drawing Competions


  • Viewing Earth from space
  • View of sky in clear night
  • View inside space station
  • Human landing on Mars
  • Space habitat on Moon
  • Varying visible shapes of moon



Model Making Competitions

  • Space Craft
  • Space station
  • Rovers on moon
  • Rockets of exo-planet
  • Launchpad for rockets
  • Docking of Satellites
  • Societal benefit of space technology

Essay Writing and Quiz Competitions

  • The Infinite Universe
  • Solar Systems
  • Rockets & Satellites
  • Life in Other Planets
  • Basic Astronomy and Cosmology
  • Hum Space Flights
  • Asteroids and Comets
  • Human Space Flights
  • Space Tourism
  • Space Habitat-Future Outlook
  • Colonies on Moon/Mars
  • Gravitation
  • Space Applications of Common Mass
  • Indian Space Program

For further details please refer to this notification

In addition to this ISRO aims to tap the creativity, inquisitiveness, innovativeness harnessing the unbound imagination of school students towards Space Science and Technology.

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